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PaullyJoe & Co LTD is a private-held trading company. Its business portfolio encompasses the commodity, and agriculture sectors. The company operates large-scale oil palm plantations in West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon) from which it extracts crude palm oil, which is then marketed domestically or exported overseas.
Established in 1975, the company has since expanded in North America, serving and exporting across sub-Saharan countries.

Founded in 1994

Our Supply Chain

Palm Oil Plantations

The company's palm oil plantations in Imo, Nigeria, cover a total area of 2,000 hectares, with a maximum annual production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Oil Palm Refinery

Palm oil is obtained from refining crude palm oil.

Supply & Distribution

After processing, we sell in local market and ship to global destinations around the world.

How we Started Oil Palm Business

Palm Oil Plantations & Mills

Agricultural products in Abundance

Agricultural products supplies and commodities worldwide.

Godson Eche

We Keep Moving

Our mission is to be a leading company that produces high-quality oil palm through sustainable agricultural practices.

Due to unethical monocropping and farming practices on many large scales leading to deforestation, habitat loss, and environmental degradation (improper management of agrochemicals causing a negative impact on the ecosystem)

We want to create the best practice and a win-win situation for humans and nature by effectively using land per acre through biodiversity conservation and an agroforestry system. With innovation, we deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Our vision is to be a global leader in sustainable oil palm plantations and recognized for our pioneering approach through the integration of Cocoa intercropping.

We envision acquiring over 1 million hectares of land across the globe for our oil palm plantation, and building refinery plants to produce high-quality finished products for humanity while preserving the ecosystem through agroforestry.

With the magnificent authority bestowed upon us, we sit and build on hallowed land filled with abundance of natural resources drawing our strength from the LIGHT (The Most High) to lead us in every way we step-in.

Million Hectare by 2050

Our Foundation Care's

We Support Patients

Providing financial support and welfare to patients in need in healthcare centers

We Feed Orphanage

We provide food, basic amenities, and well being support to orphanage homes

Support Homeless

We look out for the homeless and widows, providing them with food and basic amenities

Community Support

Education support and skill acquisition to children and youths in rural areas

Godson Eche

Supported Patients
Orphanage Home
Community Support
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